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Greetings divine ones,

I, Griot Chinyere, am overwhelmed at the powerful responses and feedback received from you with regard the Nne Agwu Storytelling Festival 2015. It is a vision, I,  have been been holding and nurturing for a number of years! A vision given to me by the Nne Agwu the mother of wisdom Alusi (Orisha). It is a slow organic build up. There is much that was successful with this year and there is much to learn. There have been many people behind and in front of the scenes supporting the process. Please forgive me if your name is not here and you feel it ought to be. Let me know!. It is all good, much love!

I give thanks and blessings for the dawning of the Nne Agwu storytelling festival, for the beauty in truth and the truth in beauty. 

I give thanks to:

My ancestors, my spirit guides

The Divine Creator

Nne Ala and Nne Agwu


Ashanti Hoyte - Secretary

Nefateri Asentewa - Treasurer

Sandra Agard - Chair


Nkechinyere Nwobani-Akanwo

Chukwuxavier Nwobani-Akanwo


Featured Artists, workshop leaders and drummers

in order of appearance


Eli Anderson

Amantha Edmead

Amra Anderson

Sandra Agard

Usifu Jalloh


Debden House Canpsite Management

Remi Amuzu


Carl and the Asentewa children


Sistar E – Calabash Hub


Cheryl Phoenix – Black Links


Galaxy Radio - Only debrainwashing station

Kwame, Ayo, Dr Abu, Bongo Teteh, Sister Culture


Bradley and Chloe brother and sister act Volunteers


Theo Castilio

Siayome Hudson




Conscious Radio - DJ Supreme, Kandake


Real - Eboney Re, Posse Bless, Nkechi Abeng,


Power Xtra - Master Mo, Stella, Nat Nye


Stationfm - The Kandie Shack


Johnny’s DIY Deptford High Road


Rabuka online magazine


All the sponsors who supported Griot Chinyere’s

100 mile sponsored walk Spiritually, Financially and Emotionally


Nia Amani - NABSS


...And you the festival participants


The Nne Agwu Storytelling Festival has been invited by Debden campsite to book for next year, which is a good sign and an opportunity to develop relationships.  The Storytelling festival has been invited to Ghana and we would like to take you all with us. This festival is part of a bigger project. Please read further. Before that happens we need to grow. We need dedicated management committee members, expertise in fundraising, project management, customer relations and general on site support. We intend to train young people so we have ones to pass the festival onto. Please be a part of history and step forward to help the Nne Agwu Storytelling Festival evolve. See you at the next gathering Friday 29th - Sunday 31st July 2016!


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