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Story Trail Blazer Project


The Story Trail Blazer project is a two part project visioned by Griot Chineye. The first part is an overland expedition from London, England to Battor, Ghana. Reconnecting with the nomad in Griot Chinyere, she will travel in a 4x4 truck, converted into a self sustaining motorhome and gather stories and wisdom from 13 countires along the journey. This journey is so crucial as there are many elders who have history and knowledge to pass down and be accessible to future generations! As the landscape changes, borders  and languages come and go, the stories give way to a melange of information and ancient worlds full of magic and splendor. Exploring the oral tradition and tales across cultures is intergral to understanding the world around us and preparing us for the future.


The final destination is Battor, Ghana where another adventure begins; the building of the Sankofa retreat, a centre for storytellers around the world to congragate and share. The sole aim of the centre is to keep the oral traditions alive, highlighting it's importance and providing an invigorating yet peaceful space where one can rejuvenate and heal using the power of ancient African rituals and the spirit of nature.


There will be programmes & retreats throughout the year as well as hosting the anual Sesa Wo Suban festival. It will also have an education centre for the people of Kepko village and the international community. This Storytelling retreat will be self sustaining and only use resources locally sourced.


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