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Exciting Times - these are suggestions to help you prepare. You are not obliged to acquire each and every item on the list. You may find you have most items with a little improvisation.


links for camping gear: Millets, Blacks, Decathlon, Sports Direct

Always talk to someone about your festival and camping needs.

Tent Buying guide from millets




Bring a cushion for extra comfort, they are light and easy to carry.



Tooth brush, tooth-paste, flannel, small towel, wipes, shea butter,


We do have a cleaning hygiene protocol in place requiring all participants to carry a small cleaning pack with them. Details of the contents are: gloves, sanitiser, muslin / cotton to mask face when social distancing is impossible, paper towels, wipes, plastic bags to carry disposals, tea tree, lemon grass essential oils, shea butter / coco butter to moisturise hands and to further protect them, bottle of water. 


Mats are fairly light, you can carry two or three or even four mats easily without it being a strain. Important under layer to Keep you warm when you sleep Or use it to sit on during the day when outside of your tent Or use it as an exercise mat if you do not want to exercise on the grass to stimulate blood circulation, warm up stretches and breathing exercises.



A sleeping bag is ideal for camping as it is warm, light, easy to carry and takes up little space. If you are going to buy a sleeping bag then make sure you ask about the temperature range of the bag.  If you are coming by car or pulling a suitcase trolley, you can probably fit a duvet, a blanket, a couple of sheets, material and or a pump up bed. Bring sheets dorms



Carry loose clothing so you have 2 or more layers, top and bottom, with each wear if need be, depending on the weather. It is better to wear clothes a little too big than tight. The warm air you generate when you move gets trapped in between the layers, you create your own heat supply to keep you warm. It is more effective to wear many layers rather than one big layer. Bring scarf, gloves and spare socks. Wear clothes that allow you to move freely. It helps to bring a waterproof jacket and trousers. Make sure you have upto 3 layers for bedding. Thermal vests, leggings, socks and a something to keep your head warm. Bring costume for river swimming


Bring extra lengths of material, Material to wrap around your head, around your body, around your waist, around your neck, as an extra blanket, to use as a pillowcase, as a bag. Extra material has proven very useful.



Wear footwear that will allow you comfort for the duration of the weekend you are walking. Walking shoes, walking sandals, walking boots with a good pair of socks. It is all about staying warm, dry and comfortable. A pair of flip flops or slippers, you do not mind taking into the shower, is useful.



For the festival you can carry your belongings in a pulling suitcase. Make sure that if you are camping you bring everything you need to be comfortable. A duvet, sheets, extra material, sleeping bag, blankets, a onesie, bed socks, head wrap, plastic bags, a mat, sleeping-bag, a change of clothes, socks, toiletries and first aid kit with comfort. 



For cleaning cuts, preventing insect bites and / or treating insect bites furnish yourself with essential oils; Lavender, Tea tree, St John's wort oil, lemon grass. You only need two of the essential oils named. It’s always useful to have a small bottle of water, cotton wool, tissues and or wipes.


Griot Chinyere has a sleeping bag that is fantastic and she has a silk linning for extra wormth and comfort.



Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling Festival is a self-love, healthy well-being zone for all the family.

Please No alcohol, No smoking, No drugs, No sugar, No Meat, No Fish! No bad language on site. 

Bring good vibes, Family values and Raise up the yourself and each other. Daalu! (Divine Thanks)



If you are not ready to buy a tent then you can hire a tent or rent a bed. These are limited so beat the competiton get in early. 

If you are ready to buy a tent then here are some tips. One of the important thing about your tent is that it has good working zips, it has a sown in ground sheet and it is waterproof. You need a tent that has an outer and inner layers. It keeps you warm and dry. Make sure the ground sheet is integral to the tent. If bending over is an issue buy a tent that allows you to stand up. More comfortable. It is important that your the tent is put up properly and securely for maximum comfort and security. It is not worth buying a cheap tent. You definately get what you pay for. Take your time to chose and purchase suitable tent. Always speak to an expert. NO POP UP's you will regret it! They let the dew in. They are not waterproof. 


If you are bringing a tent then please have a go at putting it up before you arrive, it is just good practice to try your tent before you go anywhere with it. Do not worry if you struggle we will help you when you get here. I Just encourage you to have a go!


OTHERWISE We have tents for hire so if you are not ready to buy a tent then please book your place in a tent or book a tent in advance. There is a limited number, when they go they are gone.



If you want to cook on an open fire bring a grill, a pot, a pan, a knife, cutlery, non-breakable dishes, bowls. Or bring a little gas stove. 

Just relax for the weekend and let one of our healthy caters cook for you (Aneno's wraps or Meska Kitchen) 



Incense sticks, lanterns, string, rope, diary, pencil, camera.

Bring items you feel will make your time in nature more comfortable.



Total respect for self, others and Mother Nature!

Lets anoint ourselves with a natural high,

Now we rise and shine like the stars that we are!


links for camping gear: Millets, Blacks, Decathlon, Sports Direct

Always talk to someone about your festival and camping needs.

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Remember to:


Daalu (divine thanks)

Ise  (As spoken so shall it be)

Ahh a touch of luxury...yes hot showers & flushing toilets

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