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Great uprising highly favoured Energy,

Daalu for your interest in preserving, promoting and celebrating the ancient oral tradition!

Daalu For choosing to be a part of this amazing experience.

We Welcome you!


Terms of Use

Shanti-Chi endeavour to provide the best quality service to all our customers. Please read the following carefully before purchasing goods and services from Shanti-Chi.

Principles and Values

The organisation, Shanti-Chi, would like to invite you, our customers, to honour our core values: to behave competently at all times; to express yourself in an honest and open way with due consideration to others; to always seek to be your best self in all circumstances; to show pride in our ancestral lineage and engage with others in a way that positively demonstrates this. 


Shanti-Chi also ask that you respect that our events may focus and target underrepresented or marginalised groups in keeping with our ethos and values. Please find it in your heart to be open to the creative healing of others if the event does not include you. Please refrain from attending an event if you do not fit the description of the target. Thank you for your compassion and cooperation.

Covid protocol

We do have a cleaning hygiene protocol in place requiring all participants to carry a small cleaning pack with them. Details of the contents are: gloves, sanitiser, muslin / cotton to mask face when social distancing is impossible, paper towels, wipes, plastic bags to carry disposals, tea tree, lemon grass essential oils, shea butter / coco butter to moisturise hands and to further protect them, bottle of water. 

Booking terms
  • Shanti-Chi expect customers to read carefully all the details of any event or service we provide before making payment. Customers are welcome to email or call for clarification before making payment.

  • In completing and submitting the Booking Form, you agree to be bound by these conditions which constitute the agreement between Shanti-Chi and you.

  • Booking is confirmed when Shanti-Chi accepts from you a completed booking form and full payment or a deposit as specified.

  • In all cases payment is to be made in full before a service or product is delivered. 

  • All payment is expected in one lump sum unless otherwise stated or a payment plan has been agreed

  • If you should fail to attend an event or collect your product, payment is non-refundable. 

  • All deposits and payments are non-refundable, however they maybe transferable. 

  • Customers can, with our agreement, elect another customer to receive the goods or services that have been paid for.

  • Customers can, with our agreement, elect another product. good or service to replace the one that has been paid for as long as 21 days or more notice has been given.

  • Shanti-Chi reserve the right to decline a booking and/or entry if a party does not demonstrate actions in keeping with our principles.


Expeditions and tours
  • Shanti-Chi expect customers to prepare and plan their journey and arrive at allotted time to retreats and other gatherings.

  • Shanti-Chi reserve the right to refuse latecomers entry. 

  • The use of recreational drugs and or alcohol during our events or on any of our sites is intolerable; customers engaging in this behaviour will be asked to leave.

  • The use of swearing, bad language, offensive language or threatening behaviour is intolerable; customers engaging in this behaviour will be asked to leave.

  • Participants bring non-essential items at their own risk. Shanti-Chi is not responsible for loss or damage to mobile phones, tablets or cash.

  • Health and fitness requirements


Health and fitness requirements
  • You must be in reasonably good health and physical condition and are strongly advised to follow our pre-activity recommendations. If you have a pre-existing medical condition which is not well controlled and has required medical intervention in the past 24 months, you may be asked to provide medical evidence of your fitness to participate. Shanti-Chi reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse an applicant the right to participate in one of our activities.


Assumption of risk
  • Shanti-Chi will carry out its duties with due care and diligence, ultimately customers are responsible for their own well-being. In booking one of our products or services you acknowledge and agree that:

  • expeditions and night walks, by their very nature, can be challenging and demanding.  The personal growth, enjoyment and excitement of Shanti-Chi activities are derived in part from the low-level risks associated with our activities and are a reason why you wish to participate and therefore accept the inherent risks.

  • Participants need to be flexible as alternative arrangements may need to be made to the itinerary at short notice. 

Cancellation by us
  • Shanti-Chi reserves the right to cancel any service or activity prior to departure if there are too few bookings. In such circumstances you will be notified 14 days prior to the scheduled date and given a full refund of the price paid by you. You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek any compensation for any injury, loss, expenses or damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation.


Cancellation by you
  • If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your booking, you must notify us immediately in writing. Upon receipt and acknowledgement by us of your written advice, cancellation will take effect.

  • 100% of the booking fee or payment will be forfeited.

  • If a customer gives 14 days or more notice before cancellation then, with our agreement, another customer can be elected to receive the goods or services that have been paid for.

  • If a customers gives 14 days or more notice before cancellation, then with our agreement, the customer can elect another good or service to replace the one that has been paid.


  • Shanti-Chi has the copyright on all their services

  • Shanti-Chi accept that not all our customers are vegan, however we expect our customers to respect the organisations policy to only serve tasty healthy vegan food at our events.


  • Customer complaints are to be made via our email service in the first instance. Shanti-Chi will acknowledge receipt of written complaints within seven working days and provide a written response within twenty-one working days.

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