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Aims & Principles

These are the aims and principles by which Griot Chinyere approaches sharing her gift in storytelling workshops and performances.



  • To explore the correlation between the art and structure of storytelling and spirituality.

Spirituality is how we choose to interact with life and the laws of the cosmos; how we connect with your inner self and other people, the choices we make and how we interpret the things that we encounter in life, planned or unexpected. Many spiritual practices have deities that govern certain principles that we incorporate into our life. The structure of storytelling parallels this, with character archetypes with morals and messages that we take with us on our journey in life.


  • To Share, express and explore; culture, heritage and ourstory.

Stories are often adapted across cultures to reflect a way of life. The message of a story can tell us what is important to that culture; the study of past events is entirely made up of stories, the oral tradition has been around far longer than any written form of communication and so we can access our past through listening to our inner stories. 


  • To create/harness energy and collectiveness within local communities.

Storytelling is an interactive and community activity. The sharing of stories allows a refernce point and moral code for all in the community. It also ensures that there is sufficient communication and interaction with each other. It is easy get carried away allowing our ego to take precedence and forgetting we are part of the whole.


  • To use as a communication tool in both personal and professional settings.

Storytelling is a form of expression and a powerful communication tool. Communication is key for all relationships; business or personal. It broadens our expression and enable us to debate, report, analyse and review with an open heart. Our storytelling skills are used in day to day interatctions and make the difference as to how successful those interactions conclude. 


  • To impart knowledge and wisdom (education)

Within a story are many lessons and much knowledge to be obtained. Things that we have learnt naturally have been through stories or experiences. Many parents create stories to encourage children to walk a positive path and find happiness. Or warn their child against certain behaviour and highlight the outcome if pursued. Storytelling is a guiding and disciplinary tool in life's education. It is an effective etching lasting impressions.


  • To create positive visions and goals for the future

The main principle emanating through an Afrakan story, tells us we can engineer our own reality. We seek to know our path of purpose.  Using the structure of a story we can create a plan to bring to fruition our goals in a simple and flexible way. This structure allows us to manage our present and bring about the desired outcomes for our future. 


  • To heal and strengthen spirit and keep mind positive.

Stories always carry a lesson, some obvious, some subtle. Storytelling can reprogramme the mind using positive affirmations and empowering messages we find embedded within the stories. The characters in a story go on a transformational  journey.  Forced out of the comfort zone, a weighty challenge is set upon us and we must learn certain important lessons to address the challenges. Once these lesson are properly learnt we can find effective solutions. This journey we will embark upon several times becoming more efficient each time at reaching a resolution. This power enables us to heal.

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