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Feminine Melanin Walkers


Please read terms of use before booking. Thank you!

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Griot Chinyere, with funding from Groundwork, nurtured the well-being of melanin rich women in nature, on this level 1 women’s expedition training: Two groups of 6 participants met 3-hour x 9 weeks in Oxleas woods. 


26th October - 8th November 2020; 

One to One ZOOM with successful applicants between

8th and 11th November 2020 to answer inquiries, check completed booking form with relevant information; 

Two Group zoom meetings

18th November - 10am and 1pm to talk walking boots and other equipment; 

DAY: Wednesday

DATES: 25th November, 2nd, 9th, 16th 23rd December 2020. 6th, 13th, 20th 27th January 2021


TIMES: 8am - 11am or 12.30pm - 3.30pm. First come basis, though applications will be reviewed for suitability.

START DATE in Oxleas woods

Wednesday 25th November 2020


Deliver 9 week project with some agreed weekends 


Wednesday 27th January 2021 

GRADUATION WALK Green chain walk

Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st January 2021 


REPORT WRITING Submit Monday 1st March 


GIFTS: free walking boots on completion; map, good breathing techniques; walking styles; affirming meditations; movement skills, posture and pace; healthy-eating; outdoor cooking; clothing and equipment; layering system; map reading; scales, signs, contours, grid system, relating map to the land scape + more

Register your interest and Book your FREE place at

Griot Chinyere is a trained and experienced expedition, forest school and walk-leader and has: 

  1. 30-years experience testing and developing successful styles, techniques and strategies to facilitate empowering outdoor workshops; 

  2. a 24-year relationship with Oxleas woods and the green chain walk; 

  3. completed 100 mile solo-walks - the southdown way; 

  4. led melanin rich women / families on several short / long forest / hill walks; 

  5. run regular leadership retreats

Shanti-Chi is responsible for ensuring that:

• They have their own public liability insurance that covers their activities and that they understand that Oxleas woods has public liability insurance i.e. accidents caused by any problems or hazards relating to the venue.
• All participants are made aware of risk our assessment and their responsibility to help create a safe environment.
• No smoking or alcohol the be taken during the hours of the programme
• All users will be made aware of obvious hazards in Oxleas especially when wet.
• Participants will be briefed on boundaries of our training area to avoid losing people.
• Participants will be made aware of car park opening hours
• All rubbish is to deposited in designated areas.
• Participants will be made aware of the country code

• Participants must leave the space clean and tidy.
• Participants will be well briefed and made aware of their responsibilities.

Please check terms of use before booking. Thank you!

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