Shanti-Chi hosts a range of events throughout the year, in london, out of london, for adults, for families, one offs and regulars, there really is someting for everyone to enjoy. Many of these events also give the opportunity to expolore in nature as part of the experience. Griot Chinyere trusts in the energy of mother nature and it's ability to enhance any adventure, combining this with the magic of storytelling a world of wonder and joy is created with you right in the centre.




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Nne Agwu Storytelling Festival

The Rise of Feminine Energy

The Griot Way Storytelling Course 

Free Spirit Night Rambles

Twilight leadership walks  

     Libation for Liberation



Your Events: Shanti-Chi, being a community based company  we are always happy to show support. Should you want Griot Chinyere to attend your event as a performer, facilitator or expedition leader or have an idea you wish Shanti-Chi to take part/collaborate with you on, please send us an email! We are always open to new ideas and the opportunity to collaborate with like minded individuals/organisations.


If you would like to hold a fundraising event on our behalf please email us, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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