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The Nne Agwu Village Build

Volunteer Opportunity for the melanin rich

Once upon a time there lived a young girl who wanted to be of service to her community but did not know how. Her name Chinyere. The meaning is gift from the divine. Chinyere wanted to give something different to the world.

Chinyere's mother made sure she could count, knew her alphabet, tell the time, knew her times tables, could write her name and could find her way home from school by the first day of school. By the time she was 10 years old she had her first Saturday job earning £2.50. While 10 Chinyere travelled to her mothers village in Igbo land for the first time. This village visit had such a profound effect on her. In this village she received so many hugs, such deep listening and so much love from her reflection. Village life spell enchanted her self-esteem. A great benefit to her future growth.

By the time Chinyere was 15 years old she knew catholicism was not for her. After watching roots her spirit regularly asked her "Where am I in this church of God." By the time she was 19 years old she knew Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm was not a road she wish to travel. 

When Chinyere was 20 years old her mother passed to the spirit realm. Chinyere gained entry into 4 prestigious universities though her grades plummetted from A* to D. Her spirit could not settle. The pain and the loss was intense. Chinyere went travelling to escape the gapping hole once full of Mummy love. She went to many wondrous places, meeting many fascinating people and finding herself in life and death situations.


By the time Chinyere was 27 her first eye, resting just in front of the pineal gland, began to open. Whole new perspectives appeared before her.  Pathways to the portals of her soul were cleared. Though she never saw her mum, she heard her mum and she felt the presence of her mother. Her mother introduced Chinyere to her ancestors from the beginning of her lineage. Chinyere acknowledged the energy disrupting those life and death situations was her mother. 

At 30 years old Chinyere gave birth to her first child, a daughter. A profound spiritual experience that connected Chinyere to the primordial waters of the universe. At 37 Chinyere travelled to Ghana and it was the first time outside of her Mother's village she felt the village enchantment. It became abundantly apparent what her work would be. At. 38 Chinyere gave birth to her second child, a son. A profound spiritual experience. Chinyere was entranced by the light of the divine. But got called back to stay alive and be a mother to her children and to unifest a village build. Chinyere has been given the task to introduce her family, friends and community in the diaspora to a concept they have no experience of. How will she create village enchantment without creating the village? 

Chinyere is being asked to create a village for which she has no template, that is to support the growth and well-being of her people. Who will give her guidance and protection to create a safe sacred space. Only her ancestors are qualified.

Community in small doses

Learn to facilitate a healing space bespoke to the participants who could be: women, men, children, elders, cultural heritage, spiritual / religious groups.

Learn to design workshops with various  durations of: 90 mins, 2 hrs, 4 hrs and 6 hrs.

Plan events to use the skills you have.

Community in festivals / retreats 

Build a team - it is preferable to build a team with people who have the skills you need. Otherwise you need to train people to have skills and often people want to get paid to learn if you are not a big institute. Also training people is a skill in itself.

Remember to update your skills annually and develop new skills. 

Make sure you have a skeleton plan to get the ball rolling with the team

Village Build

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1. Do you want to be part of a magical empowering cultural experience

2. Do you want to be part of an exciting village build using natural materials

3. Do you feel that we the melanin rich, need to take a leadership role in constructing our visions of tomorrow.



To create a safe sacred community healing storytelling village

To reclaim our motherland artistic, creative, and spiritual practices

To protect mother nature by using ancient eco-friendly building practices



Engage with a new culture ✨️ Live in a village vibe ✨️ See new perspectives ✨️

Use natural materials in building ✨️ Live in a green & sustainable village ✨️

Be part of a team ✨️ Develop leadership skills ✨️ Evolve your Spirit ✨️



Pioneering adventurous spirit ✨️ Free to travel ✨️ Proactive ✨️

Qualifications/Training ✨️ in construction, carpentry, a trade ✨️ Or good DIY skills

Fit ✨️ Healthy ✨️ Melanin Rich ✨️ Up for a challenge

Reliable ✨️ Honest ✨️ Punctual ✨️Good interpersonal skills ✨️Open to learning ✨️

One to Six months availability ✨️ 18 years plus ✨️ Full Commitment! ✨️



An Adaptable Woman ✨️Men Welcome


Come let's make a place for us where we can promote, preserve, celebrate and elevate our community with the stories we share. ✨️ Libation for liberation ✨️

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