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Aneno's wraps and Meska kitchen will cultivate vibrate flavours giving us vital super hero energy so we can reclaim plant power and resurect vegan values. Our culinary kitchen creates the finest recipes based on our ancient melanin rich culture. Our foods activate the divinity within. We cater for people with special diets, such as raw food, lactose and gluten intolerance; who seek to improve their physical health and spiritual well being. Our menu is delicious, nutritious and tasty It will enhance your senses and tantalise your taste buds. MENU IS SUBJECT TO UPDATE!


Prices ranges: breakfast from £3; Lunch from £4 & Dinner from £6 - healthy and gorgeous dishes

Aneno's Wraps



  • Cornmeal Porridge

  • Oats Porridge

  • Avacado on toast/ vegan butter

  • Muesli cereals with Alpro/soya milk

  • Fruit salad (nuts, linseed, dried fruit)

  • Green breakfast smoothie

  • Herbal teas


  • Grilled vegetarian & vegan wraps with grilled vegetables and various condiments

  • Seasonal salads

  • Jollof Rice & vegetables

  • Lentil soup

  • Curry – bean/lentil (pulse)

  • Curry – sweet potato/squash/pumpkin coconut curry

  • Green plantains

  • Homemade humus and homemade chilli- tomato sauce

  • Baked sweet potatoes, cassava and potatoes

  • A traditional Ugandan surprise dish every day

  • Raw option each day



  • Sweet corn on the cob

  • African donuts with chilli sauce



  • Pasta bake

  • Sweet potato chips with sticky vegan cheese

  • Plantain

  • Rainbow vegetables

  • Green fruit and vegetable salad (cucumber, celery, water melon, apple, pears)

  • Nachos



  • Water

  • Herbal teas 

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