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Libation 4 Liberation



Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th November 2019

Oxleas Woods,

Crown Woods Lane, Shooters Hill, London SE18 3JA


Go to Oxleas wood cafe, stand in front of it looking at the magnificent view, look to the left and you will see an outdoor gym. Walk towards the gym and you will see a signed path way. Walk along that path and you will find us. 

Libation for Liberation

is a giving thanks to our ancestors for their guidance and protection ceremony. October / November is the time to honour the souls of our ancestors. Shanti-Chi and Ukombozii invite, first nation melanin rich community members to join us as we humbly ask our ancestors to continue to protect us as we walk our path of purpose and to guide us along the path during the coming year. We ask they support us with the vision we wish to bring to fruition. 

From dawn to dusk we will drum, chant and dance to honour our higher selves. We will move to the next phase of our life with careful thought, consideration and preparation. This ceremony will help us prepare  our mind, our body and our soul for the impending success. We will improves the lines of communication with our spiritual selves in order to raise our aspirations and achieve our goals.

As you enter the space your aura will be smudged with a safe cleansing smoke. You will be given a preparation chant to repeat on entry. You will lay a symbol of community success on the altar. Drum call at dusk 16:10 on Saturday 3rd November 2018, followed by libation and a burning of that which we wish to release and transform. The rest of the evening and through the night we will drum, chant and dance until dawn. At dawn 05:22, Sunday 4th November 2018, we will close with libation pouring to thank those ancestors who remained with us through the night with their might to protect and guide us. We will also call in the energies we wish to embrace and attract for the coming 12 months.

It is FREE (Donations Accepted - 

Bring pack lunch, food for fire & plenty of water to get you through the night.

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