Sesa Wo Suban

The child 


Nne Agwu

The Mother

Nne Agwu 6th Afrakan Storytelling Festival 2017 

Chiltern Retreat Parmoor Farm

Nne Agwu 5th Afrakan Storytelling Festival 2016 

Debden House, Epping Forest

Nne Agwu 4th Afrakan Storytelling Festival 2015

Debden House, Epping Forest

  Griot Chinyere talking about the spirit of Afrakan storytelling


 (please excuse the wind spirit getting in on the act, listen well)

            Previous festival Sesa Wo Suban: Transform your life

Griot Chinyere started the festival in 2009 to bring together the African community in a natural environment.


When we all unite in a positive creative space, healing, emporwering energy is created and the benefits can undoubtedly be felt. 'Transform your life'  is a positive affirmation that provokes the thoughts of what one needs, to be their best self as an indiviual and as part of the community. 


Some of Britain's finest storytellers, musicians and poets have blessed this festival with their presence during the all through the night festival, which was programmed based on a similar ritual in Ghana, from dusk till dawn storytelling around the fire with the whole village there! See video above!


Stay tuned for more details on the 4th annnual Afrakan storytelling festival now named Nne Agwu!

To get involved or/and register your interests email us!                                     

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