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Nne Agwu Traders information

Hearing a good ancient story is like receiving a visit from a good friend. They always come at just the right time, they bring a mystery, intrigue and profund innerstanding. There will be good parts, as well as challenging moments to consider, however there is always a journey and great lesson worth learning.


Trade at the Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling Retraeat?

We promote community entrepreneurs. We have space for 9 Market Stalls, 4 Well-being practitioners, 2 Vegan caterer, 1 juice bar, 1 fruit & veg stall 


Our village retreat is a space for holistic well-being, with traders who can work in a village style setting for the benefit of self, community and unity. 


Well-being practitioners, who are you able to work one to one using massage, counselling, ancestral connection, readings, reiki and other ancient / traditional practices / therapies for wellness of our community? The fee is £280 one-off payment. Feel free to -

For price, availability and payment options go to our shop.



Caterers/ Juice bar who handle food with love and care and know how essential and vital an element food can be to our well-being. Strictly Vegan Caterer or Juice bar or cake sellers only. The Nne Agwu village would love to hear from you. We will provide you with an appropriate space to conduct business.


The cost for food stall hire £432.

The cost for a Juice bar stall hire is £260 normal.

For price, availability and payment options go to our shop. 


Market stalls - We have space for Clothes, Portraits, Books, Crafts, Games, Jewellery, Arts, Crystals stalls. This is an opportunity to be part of the Nne Agwu market place. 

The cost for stall hire fee: £280.

  • Download MARKET STALLS booking forms here complete and return to 

For price, availability and payment options go to our shop.

For further information please contact us


How it works:

  1. Read below to innerstand the Nne Agwu family retreat?

  2. Read Terms of use

  3. Choose Traders 5 day pass and / or Nne Agwu 5 day pass - add to basket

  4. Need added Extras: Tent hire/Glamp Options - add to basket

Remember to:


Daalu (divine thanks)

Ise  (As spoken so shall it be)

Ahh a touch of luxury...yes hot showers & flushing toilets

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