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The Griot Way Storytelling Training


The long awaited Griot-Way is a 4-month storytelling project, meeting weekly *16 sessions, led by Griot Chinyere Artistic Director of Shanti-Chi and founder of the Nne Agwu Afrakan storytelling festival. In celebration of the festival’s 10th anniversary, a limited number of carefully selected emerging artists will explore the power of the oral traditions.


The Griot Way will explore in depth and detail an ancient classical story from the oral tradition of the Motherland. We will: work together, learn from one another and support each other as we endeavour to perform this story as an ensemble; deconstruct the story to gain a deeper inner-standing of its messages, meaning and symbolism; Reconstruct the story ensuring to maintain the integrity of its form structure and shape; use theatre / drama / storytelling games and exercises to gain a deeper clarity of the archetypes and their connection to our spiritual practices; Research proverbs surrounding the story and use them to inspire the creation of spoken word poetry, chants, affirmations and songs; learn rehearsal techniques and hone in on tone, intonation, volume and dynamic movements. We will perform in Oxleas Woods & at the Nne Agwu storytelling festival 2020.

Harnessing this power gives the space to develop performance skills, build self-esteem and vizion your purpose. The training is set over 9 days and we invite national and international participation.

The Griot Way storytelling training

Price £360 

Price includes graduation, entry to Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling festival and opportunities to practice artform

Training: Wednesday 11th March - Wednesday 24th June 2020 

Time: 6pm-9pm

Every Wednesday for 16 weeks 

Place: Pink Palace, Frankham street Deptford SE8 4RL


Exceptional Path way to realising your vision!




The Griot Way is designed to fulfill personal and professional storytelling needs. if you are emerging artist and or want to be a storyteller, and or improve your performance skills or you want a deeper connection to spirit through storytelling, this course will open the storyteller within. If you want the confidence to tell stories to your children and extended family then we cater to you. If you are a teacher, lecturer or a professional who presents stories before an audience regularly this course can build your self esteem or You will establish your own storytelling style. 


Please subscribe to Shanti-Chi newsletter and you will receive all the relevant information on how to secure your place and what you will need to do to prepare for the training. 

The main aim is to learn how to perform as an ensemble.


The responsibilities of a Griot within the community and the group

  • What is a griot?

  • The Role of a Griot

  • What is ensemble storytelling?

  • working together to create a distinct body of work

  • embedding ensemble practices

  • performance relationship between ensemble performers

  • creating a unified effect

  • ensemble and audience interaction techniques

  • Using the space​

The main aim is to deconstruct and reconstructing ancient stories. 
  • What is a story?

  • looking at the structure, form and shape

  • understanding the themes, hook, protagonist goals, dilemma 

  • Goal vs need

  • moral code, turning points and lesson learnt

  • deeper inner-standing of story message, meaning and symbolism

  • In reconstruction maintain story integrity

  • Writing exercises

  • Drama exercises

  • Learning to read between the lines

The main aim is to exploring the archetype


Learn theatre / storytelling and drama games and exercises to explore

  • What is an archerype

  • The link between deities and archetypes

  • the role and application of archetypes in a story

  • The energies that drive the story

  • The relevance of spirituality in storytelling and performance

  • The significance of storytelling in the 21st century

  • Storytelling as a spiritual practice

The main aim is to use proverbs to create spoken word

  • What is a proverb?
  • Research Afrakan proverbs
  • hone in on provers surrounding the  story
  • inner-stand basic structure of proverbs
  • Explore the power of the spoken word
  • create spoken word poetry, chants, affirmations and songs relevant to story
  • place individual work in the main story with integrity


A rehearsal is the activity that prepares us for our storytelling performance.  The rehearsal schedule is divided into units that allow adequate rehearsal time for the whole story. During rehearsals our learning continues consolidates and deepens. Rehearsal typically refers to ensemble activities undertaken by the whole group. Everyone is required for rehearsals in order to perform.


Let us weave tales of wonder and magic.

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Inspire visions with the Oral traditions​


The Griots have been storytellers, since the conception of the womb at the dawning of creation. After dusk, a drum call or a vocal call or a rattle, something would announce the arrival of the Griot(s). Gathered around a central fire the storytellers told stories about the many Alusi, deities, goddesses and gods, they honoured orignal people of the earth. They told tales of love and friendship, of integrity and strength, of wars and battles, of heroes and leaders, of Queens and empresses, of kings and emperors of other Griots and magic makers. The stories that most captured the imagination were those that conjured the ancestral energy, of the trickster. The trickster was known for using wit and humor over brute force to get the desired result. Many of us are familiar with Anansi our favourite trickster. There would be music, dancing and song. The Griot kept history alive and were the healers of souls.


There was one official Griot family per village. They worked together for the well being of the community. If a village tried to steal or entice away a Griot or any member of the family from another village, serious negotiations were entered to prevent war from breaking out. The seven elemental spirits of the universe were called upon. The Griots were very important. Their job was to create storytelling rituals and a connection to the spirit world. Today, there are Griots in African villages, still telling tales and creating new stories about the marvelous people of Africa. In an attempt to keep the magic of African storytelling alive, Griot Chinyere has created and designed the Griot Way Training. Be part of the magic!

Read what Ben Okri said to Griot Chinyere about the importance of storytelling to our community

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