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About Shanti-Chi

Best Afrakan Storytellers and Leadership Facilitators UK

Shanti-Chi is an African storytelling company established in 2009, based in London founded by Griot Chinyere as a vision to spread the magic of storytelling and keep the oral traditions alive. We are storytelling warriors come to transform the world with the stories we tell. In an increasingly digital world, where we connect more via technology than directly with each other, resulting in a rapid lose of connection with our spiritual well-being. Meeting with people, learning amongst people, sharing and creating memories, being present and communing with nature is crucial. We must make a conscious effort .

Shanti-Chi is a creative healing space where individuals, families, communities, organisations and companies explore Afrakan Storytelling, The Oral Traditions, Communication and Performance Skills, History and Culture, Magic and Divine Healing for personal development an self actualisation.

Many of the Shanti-Chi programmes focus on the melanin rich communities as we are the cultural group that has suffered the most. Shanti-Chi refuse to stand around pointing the finger at racists, sexist and any other kind of on the list you care to think of. We have chosen to create exclusive healing, artistic spaces for melanin rich communities to gather and redefine their self-actualisation. These spaces are to enable us to dictate our own healing so we can better function in the world and negotiate our happiness.

From the very conception of Shanti-Chi, there has been a strong connection with the Ewe communities along Volta River in Ghana who are ancient relations to the Igbo people along the Imo river Igboland. Many programmes have been set up to encourge the dispersed melanin rich first nation people around the world to invest in Motherland culture. 


Griot Chinyere plans to expand Shanti-Chi and it's programmes and events to Igboland and Volta. The main aim is to provide a liberating, exciting and culture based space for melanin rich people from all walks of life in Afraka, the Americas, Europe, the UK and globally.


A large part of what we do encompasses the natural environment and innerstanding how to harness positive energy from being surrounded by it. Especially with busy city life, we all need to take time to breath deeply and remember Mother Earth.

Having worked with; young people, toddlers, prisoners, disabled people, political activists, parents, etc and exposed them to the powers of Afrakan Storytelling, we conclude this is a necessary mission.


Inspire Visions Through Oral Traditions


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