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ITEMS TO BRING:Please read carefully

Items the Sistren taking part in Rise of the Feminine Energy Retreat need to consider.

You are not olbiged to bring everything on this list unless it states "essential". It is about being comfortable so you can work to your optimum. Exciting Times!



- You need OS 1 map - based on the address given on the webpage.

- You need a compass which is compatible with map reading and also can glow in the dark,glow in the dark is not essential (from £7.99 each, you can find cheaper, make sure it meets the specifications I have outlined above)

The maps can be easily found at Stanfords book and map store, Long Acre, Covent Garden London or any other outdoor expedition camping shop. 


Compasses are expensive at Stanfords. Maps can be found online for a reasonable price and delivered. I discovered, Sports direct are selling compasses often on sale. Go grab a bargin. 


You want your compass to look something like this 













The numbers in white on a blue back ground numbered 1 to 10 are the different parts of the compass. Who can name them?


In all shops dealing with expedition, maps, compasses, camping etc the staff will be very helpful. Ask them as many questions as you feel you need to prepare yourself. If the individual you are speaking to is unable to help ask them if there is someone that can.



Wear footwear that will allow you comfort for the duration of the weekend you are walking. Walking shoes, walking boots (essential) with a good pair of socks (essential). It is all about staying warm, dry and comfortable. A pair of flip flops or slippers, you do not mind taking into the shower, is useful.



Bring bottles of water between 1.5 liters and 2 liters. One for each day. (essential)

Otherwise Just relax for the weekend and you will be catered for. I would suggest you bring a pack lunch for the trip down.



Tooth brush, tooth-paste, flannel, towel, wipes, shea butter,



Bring a cushion for extra comfort, they are light and easy to carry.



Mats are fairly light, you can carry two or three or even four mats easily without it being a strain. Under layer for comfort. 



We will be staying in a house. They provide sheets, please bring a duvet or sleeping bag. essential



Carry loose clothing so you have 2 or more layers, top and bottom, with each wear if need be, depending on the weather. It is better to wear clothes a little too big than tight. The warm air you generate when you move gets trapped in between the layers, you create your own heat supply to keep you warm. It is more effective to wear many layers rather than one big layer. Bring scarf, gloves and spare socks. Wear clothes that allow you to move freely. It helps to bring a waterproof jacket and trousers. Make sure you have upto 3 layers for bedding. Thermal vests, leggings, socks and a something to keep your head warm.



Bring extra lengths of material, Material to wrap around your head, around your body, around your waist, around your neck. Extra material has proven very useful.



In addittion to your weekend suitcase bring a rucksack to fit a pack lunck / nibbles, bottle of water, a change of socks, a plastic bag, a mat, wipes and first aid kit with comfort. 



For cleaning cuts, preventing insect bites and / or treating insect bites furnish yourself with essential oils; Lavender, Tea tree, St John's wort oil, lemon grass. You only need two of the essential oils named. It’s always useful to have a small bottle of water, cotton wool, tissues and or baby wipes.



  • An item that is important to you with a story you are happy to share with us. essential

  • A Crystal essential

  • For the feminine altar - Incense sticks, lanterns, string, rope, diary, pencil, camera.

  • An acoustic instrument that you can carry easily

  • Bring items you feel will make your time in nature more comfortable.



This is a health zone. Please NO alcohol! NO drugs! NO tobacco! NO sugar! NO dead flesh! NO bad language! Just love and respect. Thank you!



Total respect for self, others and Mother Nature!

Lets bless ourselves with a natural high,

Now we rise and shine like the stars that we are!



You may opt for pulling a suitcase on wheels, which will allow you to carry more items for your comfort. You may wish to carry a duvet as well as a sleeping bag.



Deposits and payment plans acceptable



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