Redemption Repatriation Programme

Take a look at this amazing project. It is an honour to be involved. It is all about repatriation and community building. Lets repatriate to the Mother land, build eco-friendly retreats, support the economy and be part of a great story!


Have you realized your life in the West does not afford you the opportunity to experience village life in a tight knit community?  Does it sadden you? Do you want to do something about it? Come link up with Ras Kweku founder of Our Heritage Afrikan Foundation (OHAF) and Shanti-Chi whose passion is to support sisters and brothers in their quest for repatriation and community building.


Ghana is one of the few places that has apologized for the enslavement and kidnapping of Afrakan people. Many of the chiefs are calling for our return so we can work as one for the development of Afraka. If we dont come they will go elsewhere for their business and survival. Ras Kweku is turning his land into an eco-freindly redemption camp for repatriation. In the words of Bob Marley ‘Could you help to sing these songs of freedom, Redemption songs…?’


We invite our conscious sistren and bredren in the Diaspora who have a vision of repatriation, to Redemption camp as a first step in their repatriation program. Please read below carefully. Divine blessed love Xxx

Want to be happy with your life?

Then take bold radical positive action NOW!

Redemption and Repatriation Project (RRP)is amazing opportunity to connect community with divine integrity. We are inviting our conscious sistren and bredren living in the Diaspora to the redemption camp as a first step in their repatriation. Our Heritage Afrikan Foundation (OHAF) and Shanti-Chi have developed a partnership to support our sisters and brothers in their quest for repatriation and community building. We have developed communication links and contacts with chiefs, land-owners and the land commission authorities in Ghana who love our project idea and have released land for those conscious ones who show commitment and determination.


In the initial stages we are looking for 12 participants / families for the program. This is a long term-project that requires patience, focus and vision.


THE APPLICATION PROCESS All applicants must have a vision / proposal that is for the benefit of those in the Diaspora wishing to repatriate and those living in Ghana. If you are not sure lets discuss options. 1. Register your interest and contact Shanti-Chi by email -  2. Participate in one of the Shanti-Chi retreats or programs, alternate aim of these programs / retreats is to build a repatriation community in the diaspora.  3.  Attend the Shanti-Chi African Storytelling festival, the first of its kind in Britain. It is important to become part of the Shanti-Chi community so both you and we know we are right for one another. 4. Complete seven days training in Britain which discusses the most effective philosophical approach to repatriation and prepares participants for the road ahead. We will look at ways and means of improving our spiritual, mental, physical & financial well being as repatriates. 5. Participate in the Redemption Camp for three / four weeks where you will learn to live in a tight knit community, learn to farm, build a simple home, survive in the natural environment and speak local language.


This is just the beginning of the process. One small step at a time. We want to be successful. For further information contact us!

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