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Ghana 2023

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22nd & 23rd April 2023

Great uprising my divine melanin rich people, let's be ambitious for our possibilities are infinite. Yes join our amazing 2 day sponsored walk along the jurassic coasts to raise funds for Nne Agwu to journey to the motherland.

Nne Agwu have hired a whole forest for our village to taste what it could be like living on the motherland as a villager for 14 days from 16th to 30th September 2023 in Forest Portal, Central Region.


After our 14 days Nne Agwu we will move to the Volta region where we have been donated land by a chief who loves the vision of a storytelling village for diaspora. There we will build yurt shaped mud houses, a library / resource centre with classrooms, an amphitheatre, and a divine temple to honour our ancestral story.


What we need from our melanin rich diaspora is a sense of adventure to vision, design and unifest a future of love circles where divine law is the order of the day, where the principles of balance, harmony, reciprocity, propriety, order, justice, honesty, truth and love feed our soul and where symbiotic language is standard communication between us.........


......... Ask yourself, Is this:

A vision worth working towards? YES!

A vision worth donating towards? YES!

A vision worth resourcing?


A vision worth investing in?


A vision for our future generations?


Then step out of the box and into the vision!


Watch our Ghana 2023 Presentation

Yo Yo Yo great uprising, Shanti-Chi with your support is taking our Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling family retreat, (exclusively for melanin rich indigenous beings), to Ghana 16th to 30th September 2023, with the aim of starting the journey to creating a permanent home for Nne Agwu. Yes come on, be part of ourstorical event. The cost, approximately £2700 for 2 weeks stay in a beautiful forest exclusively for the Nne Agwu villagers. The price includes, flight, transfer from airport in Ghana, accommodation, access to all: talks, lectures, performances, workshops, activities, artists, facilitators & a place to call home. This melanin rich experience is spiritual. PLEASE READ TERMS OF USE

We have had a couple of zoom meetings giving interested parties relevant information and the opportunity to ask questions and meet other villagers. We will have more meetings as it supports to build the village vibration. If you are unable to catch a zoom meeting we have a presentation that you can watch that should answer most of your questions. Feel free to share with the melanin rich family. Please make further inquiries and email


Shanti-Chi has a will do can do attitude, so Griot Chinyere, trained & experienced expedition leader, is doing a sponsored walk in the English countryside to raise money to take the festival to Ghana and you are invited to join the walk if you would like to raise money for yourself to go to the festival in Ghana. "Download Sponsorship forms."

  • Read all information on our webpage

  • Read terms of use!

  • Sign up on our homepage to or monthly newsletter "never miss an update"

  • Watch presentation here

  • Register your interest email - NOW!

  • Download and complete 1. booking form and 2. medical questionnaire

  • Please download relevant payment plan either:



  • Download sponsorship form - ask family, friends, work colleagues, local shops & businesses, all those you have supported for years to sponsor you as you make ourstory powerful. You are coming to support the developing of the permanent home of Nne Agwu storytelling family retreat specifically for the indigenous melanin rich diasporan

  • Or can you please donate HERE

Wishing to be with you on the MOTHERLAND Isè!

The Venue 2023 - Forest Portal Estates

The Forest Portal is the chosen venue for the Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling family retreat 2023. They share in similar values and visions as Griot Chinyere. Above is one of their brochures showing the work they are already doing. It is an outdoor experimental learning centre.

The drive behind the Nne Agwu Afrakan storytelling family retreat is to create a village where diasporan can come to on the motherland and feel at home. A place where they fit in and can do themselves. A healing place where good habits can be developed and spiritual well being can be attained. A place we can reclaim, rejuvenate and reconnect to their culture, heritage, lineage through the oral traditions of storytelling.


Chineke the divine creator and the ancestors surround Griot Chinyere are very clear that returning to the motherland, remembering self means a reconnection to Nne Ala (mother earth) the heart of the divine.


For the last 12 years and more Griot Chinyere has been reconnecting and inspiring others to reconnect so we can find our village, our tribe and walk together. 


Land Acquisition

Griot Chinyere is  looking to acquire 40 plus acres a to develop a permanent Nne Agwu storytelling Village, based around the themes and structure of Afrakan oral traditions and spiritual practices. The land will have a meadow surrounded by woodland and rolling hills. The village will run on ecofriendly power sources and have an Afrakan fractal formation to it. There will be a food growing area, education centre where the participants are at the centre of their learning and ourstory at the foundation. There will be a well being centre and a market place where creative entrepreneurs will sell or exchange their products. There will be a stream running with clean water. It will be a creative space for the original melanin rich beings to develop the philosophy "self love is the revolution". And bring it to fruition. The revolution will be won!!!

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