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The Fund

As this is a community project we would like to divulge as much information as possible, so we can collectively send positive energy and affirm the fruition of this adventure.


Phase 1:


The journey will take approximately 6 months visiting 13 countries (including the final destination, Ghana) and gathering coastal stories from village communities. The trip will be documented orally; using un invasive recording equipment, written down and visually with regular video diary entries to be found on the blog. The truck will be converted into a cross-terrain motor home using responsibly sourced wood and recycled metals. It will also feature solar panels and windmills to generate electricity. We aim to emit minimal carbon dioxide on this journey and recycle where possible. To take this monumental step for Shanti-Chi and storytellers worldwide we must raise substantial funds.


Here is a cost breakdown:



Motorhome –

Truck: £10,000

Refurbish: £7,000

Fuel: £3,000

International Insurance: TBC

International Tax: TBC

International Driver’s Permit: £8.00


Travel –

Ferry 1 (Portsmouth to Bilbao) £800

Ferry 2 (Algeciras to Tanger) £186.22

Visas (for all necessary countries) £860


Living Expenses –

Food: £1,300


Miscellaneous –

Unforeseen costs (10%): TBC




Phase 2 :


The building of the Sankofa Storytelling retreat and Education centre is the next step in this project. It will be built on the 4 acres of land gifted to Griot Chinyere by the chief of Kepko village, Volta Region. At the centre will stand an amphitheatre, build entirely from recycled materials. There will be a variety of storytelling programmes running all year round, these will be lead by trained storytellers and members of the local community imparting their knowledge of the environment and their traditions with participants.


This will be a creative hubs for storytellers locally and internationally and will offer visitors a unique experience combining ancient traditions with the magic and art of storytelling.


Further details coming soon.





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