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This unique 3 day solstice programme utilises ancestral knowledge and wisdom to heal mind, body and spirit. It draws upon the ancient feminine practice known as Chigwa. This practice re-ignites our ancient story and guides our inner divinity. We seek to reconnect and realign with our spirit guide and our purpose.


The Chigwa practice focuses on movement of energy around the body. By engaging in a sequence of simple yet effective moves and sacred chants we can unblock and clear pathways, encouraging good health and spiritual well-being. Tasty nutritious meals will be provided, making this an holistic experience.


Join kindred sister spirits in a cosy cottage in the English countryside,

weaving healing tales of power and magic.


including guidance in Chigwa, tree and walking meditations, sacred chants,

food and accommodation. 



Deposits and payment plans acceptable




must pay in full before 30th January 2017


Programme Leader:

Griot Chinyere the Healing Storyteller



Email: or Call 0758 222 8967




"I am so worth it!"

Enjoy a secluded countryside setting surrounded by meadows and woods with fantastic opportunities to weave healing tales of matriarchal magic, create affirmations, develop the Chigwa practice & join kindred spirits in Rise of the Feminine Energy!

Friday 18th June  2017


8.30am - Meet minibus at Sainsbury's Car park New Cross Gate 


Punctuality is key.


midday - Arrive at venue


Registration, health and safety, house keeping, unload, unpacking, meet and greet.


4.45pm - The Feminine Rise program begins:

Opening story circle; Introduction to Chigwa, 

 How we will work for growth and development over the weekend. Begin the Chigwa 


7pm Dinner


9pm How to safely tie our babies to our back

Short Night Walk

Chant making

Saturday 19th June 2017


6.30am Chigwa Sun salutation &



9am Breakfast


10.30am -Baby massage, chanting and singing



1pm: Lunch 


2pm: free time


4.15pm - Chigwa and tree mediations


7pm - Dinner


9pm Night Walk

Walking meditations

Chant making

Group story

Sunday 20th June 2017


6.30am Chigwas Sun salutation &



8am Pack bags


8.30am Breakfst


9.30am - The Feminine Rise program continues:

Introduction to the landscape via compass reading, with short walk


11am: 15 minutes break 


11.15am -

tree meditations and chants 


1.15pm - Lunch


2.45pm closing story circle  and comments 


4pm - start return journey home



9pm - arrive New Cross Gate


Travel is a separate costs, we need to find transport that will accommodate babies safely. Once that is confirmed, you can book and we will pick you up at London destination described above and drop you off at the end of the retreat.

"Yes please! One for me and one each for my friends. Thank you!" 

We are also preparing to present the Nne Agwu Afrakan storytelling festival 2017 with your family.  Next feminie rise retreat will be December 2017, book early to avoid disapointment!

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