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Enchanted Storytelling

The fundraising cabaret is a newly created event that Shanti-Chi are hosting to provide a relaxed and entertaining evening full of stories, poems and music from a variety of cultures. There will also be open mic spots on these nights, allowing people to test their latest material, let us know, spots are limited. Try something new or spontaneous. These Cabarets will be held regularly, at various venues around London.


We hope you will join us in a fun night of sights and sounds! To support the vizion buy a ticket or email us!


Be part of the Revolution and join us on the second of these enthralling evenings!

Enchanted Tales 2 - The Torch Mystery

The Torch Mystery follows the expedition of two local children, who have been called upon to investigate the whereabouts of the missing sacred torch. It is the application of their ancient knowledge that unravels the clues. Where will their journey take them? Our two young detectives travel through time, space and the sequence of life. A mysterious old Woman secretly guides and protects the children on this secret and dangerous journey. However they need YOU to help them unravel this mystery!

                     Arcola Theatre Ashwin Street, Dalston Lane, E8 3DL London United Kingdom 
          Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, doors open 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

This is a fundraising initiative - Shanti-Chi  presents the dynamic Afrakan storyteller Griot Chinyere and her powerfully talented friends 

Save your seat on this vision of rhythmic of enchantments and Afrakan vibrations Families welcome!

Enchanted Tales 1 - Ezigbo the Spirit Child

Ezigbo - has not come to stay, yet returns - is born to the chief’s wife. When the Wife looses her only child her status is questioned. The river goddess shows empathy and grants her wish to have a child. To keep this child, the wife / mother must obey but one rule. It is a thought provoking magical journey into the imagination.

A spell will be cast. Something magical this way comes. Be ready for the spirit of storytelling, live rhythms, angelic voices and enchantments. Get ready for the energy of the Afrakan vibrations pulsating through the heritage of time, just a heartbeat away. Families and youth groups welcome!

                     Arcola Theatre Ashwin Street, Dalston Lane, E8 3DL London United Kingdom 
          Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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