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Kyes Healthy choices are the two caters gracing the festival with their culinary delights. They will cultivate vibrate flavours giving us vital super hero energy so we can reclaim plant power and resurect vegan values. Our culinary kitchen creates the finest recipes based on our ancient melanin rich culture. Our foods activate the divinity within. We cater for people with special diets, such as raw food, lactose and gluten intolerance; who seek to improve their physical health and spiritual well being. Our menu is delicious, nutritious and tasty. It will enhance your senses and tantalise your taste buds. 


Price ranges: breakfast from £3; Lunch from £3.50 & Dinner £7 - healthy and gorgeous dishes

Punch and Juicy Tropical Fruits & Vegetables' will be making their first appearance at Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling 2018. We will be selling a wide range of Fresh exotic Fruit & Vegetables, Juices, and Smoothies. Roast your own Corn on the Cob, Breadfruit, Sweet potato and Plantain over an open Camp-fire. Come and hang out with Punch and Juicy for "Healthy" Conversations. Items available: Natural juices, Smoothies, fresh Fruit and Veg.

Guiltfree Vegansational, come to you with the most tasty, mouth watering Treats you can imagine and they are extremely healthy for you. I hear you gasp with disbelief as you bite into the Orgasmic Brownies, tantilizing fruit muffins, sensational flapjacks, heavenly energy balls and melt on your tongue short oat biscuits! I dare you to disagree. Marny set up Vegansational Treats because she wants to share the passion she has for eating such delicious treats. The food standard agency has given Vegansational Treats a hygiene rating of 5. Top marks!

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