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Shanti-Chi Vizions est. 2009

Best Afrakan Storytellers & Leadership Facilitators

Nne Agwu is a 4-day family storytelling festival to inspire the creative well-being of the melanin rich UK communities and support the evolution of the oral tradition of storytelling.


Nne Agwu run innovative workshops and master classes for community participants and emerging storytellers/ artists respectively. We provide a safe space to try out and develop new work. There will be an emphasis on using modern day events to create contemporary folktales.


The aim of the Nne Agwu Afrakan Storytelling Family retreat is to:

*promote our culture and celebrate the artistry of the oral traditions of storytelling.
*create new stories for the genre and provide a platform nurturing emerging and professional storytellers.

*reconnect with the natural environment and develop our creative and spiritual well-being.

* Create an Afrakan storytelling village on the landscape of our motherland and Britain.


Each year we honour: an esteemed ancestor from our community with an opening ceremony curated in collaboration with participants. 

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Inspire visions with the oral traditions!

promote, preserve and celebrate the ancient oral traditions of indigenous storytelling 

Get out of the box and into the vision!

Shanti-Chi remit is to promote, preserve and celebrate the ancient oral traditions of storytelling - Do you want to join us in our aims? Do you want to build a platform upon which this art can evolve with nurturing? Do you want to build confidence in self, your heritage and culture? Then The Griot Way storytelling Training is for YOU!

We also have a range of exciting outdoor programs, activities and workshops for everyone to get involved in: Join The Free Spirit Ramblers monthly walk. We provide a creative space where we come together to full joy community, and express ourselves freely, learning new things and embarking on new challenges, whether that be as a family, school or organisation, in a museum, forest or prison block. Our programs are designed to ignite creativity and explore a plethora of subjects, they are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Over the past 5 years the Shanti-Chi vizion grows from strength to strength. We deliver all your storytelling magic and basic expedition needs. We are trained oral historians; capturing the story of the individual, the family, the community (in whatever form that may take). We are professional storytellers working with the ancestral patterns and energies which govern a story structure. This puts us in a unique position to create bespoke stories for all ocassions, rituals and ceremonies. 

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