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Hearing a good ancient story is like receiving a visit from a good friend. They always come at just the right time, they bring a mystery, intrigue and profund innerstanding. There will be good parts, as well as challenging moments to consider, however there is always a journey and great lesson worth learning.


Are you interested in being an entrepreuneur at the Nne Agwu Afrakan Storyteling Festival? Much great work happens in this space. This is a space for holistic well-being. We are looking for experienced practitioners who can work in a village setting for the benefit of self, community and unity. 


Well-being practitioners, are you able to work one to one using massage, counselling, ancestral connection, readings, reiki and other ancient / traditional practices / therapies for wellness of our community? For further information please contact us info@shanti-chi.com - 0758 222 8967. Feel free to -



Food is an essential and vital element to our well-being. If you are a vegan: Caterer or Juice bar or cake seller we are interested in hearing from you.



Are you a creative entrepreneur. This is an opportunity to be part of the african arts and crafts market


For price and payment options go to our shop.

Early-Bird ends 30th March 2020

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